Gary Shearston
Sings His Songs



Gary Shearston Vocals, Guitar,
& Harmonica (Duke's Song)
Richard Brooks Harmonica
Les Miller Banjo, Guitar

Produced by Sven E. Libaek

Released in Australia 1966 as CBS BP233320 (mono) and CBS SBP233320 (stereo) (in the last pressings Old Bulli was omitted).


Album Notes by Sven Libaek

Front Cover

Re-released as GS-1966-SHS (mono & stereo)
with audio restoration by

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1. Don't Wave To Me Too Long (2.30)
2. Old Bulli (4.14)
3. The Lost Soldier (3.54)
4. Duke's Song (4.15)
5. Go On, Girl (3.04)
6. We'll Be Back In Just A Moment After
This Important, Informative Interlude
7. The Voyager (2.59)
8. Sometime Lovin' (2.48)
9. Conscription Ramp (3.31)
10. Go To Sleep, Me Little Son (3.12)
11. Waiting For The Postman (2.06)
12. We Are Going To Freedom (3.32)

Song credits-
All songs by Gary Shearston except
12. arranged Gary Shearston

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